Peaches and Cream Sundae

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer's bring warm weather, ice cream socials...and Farmer's Markets!  Fresh ingredients that have never seen the inside of the fridge have such incredible flavors.  While not always possible, its the best opportunity to enjoy summer fruits while they're at their peak!

I was lucky enough to score about a half dozen each of peaches and nectarines, and decided to make a fresh, sweet and refreshing fruit mix out of them, and then dress a sundae in their honor!!

Peaches and Cream Sundae

Here's what I used:

6 fresh peaches, cubed 1/2"
6 fresh nectarines, cubed 1/2"
juice 1/2 lemon

Vanilla Ice Cream
Whipped Cream

Here's what I did:

Toss fruit (skin on) with lemon juice and let sit for 20-30 minutes at room temperature.  This will let the fruit create their own syrup at the bottom of the bowl.

Pile a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream, and top with fruit, and then whipped cream.  Be sure to ladel some of the fruit juices out of the base of the bowl.


Medifast Coupons said...

Very nice recipe for peaches and nectarines, great fruit this time of year. Put with ice cream during all this heat makes them perfect. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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