Kitchen Gadgets: Cooking RubberBands

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I thought I might start highlighting some of my favorite kitchen gadgets as part of my blog. I do not have a large budget for these sort of items, and usually a new pot or item must be planned and approved by the hubbs before I order. I did get a few COOL gadgets for Christmas this past year though and wanted to share one with you now.

These are Soooooooo handy!! So far I have used them to tie chicken legs together on a roasting bird AND to hold a pork tenderloin together (this was last night...and I have pictures - but will have to post the recipe later). You can also use them to hold veggie groups together, hold bacon on a filet...the possibilities are endless.

I got these as a gift, but they look to run about 3.00 for a pack, which I think is extremely reasonable.

Also, the colors represent different resistances, I was easily able to wrap the tenderloin using tongs and a fork, and then adjust with my hands. I just love these little guys. Dishwasher safe, oven and grill safe... They're just so NIFTY! Wow, that sounded really cheesy.


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